City of Sacramento logoThe City of Sacramento will receive $2 million from the State of California’s new budget to convert the City’s shuttered tree nursery located at Mangan Park into an urban agricultural hub.

Assemblymember Jim Cooper secured the funding for the project, which will be led by the City in partnership with Oakland-based non-profit Planting Justice.

“Thank you Assemblymember Jim Cooper for securing the funding to help us bring this project to life,” said Vice Mayor Jay Schenirerwhose district includes Mangan Park. “This project will provide access to living-wage jobs, youth employment opportunities, affordable organic produce and a variety of education programs for the community.”

The funds will help transform the vacant city-owned lot at Mangan Park into a center for urban agricultural training, entrepreneurship, multi-faceted biodiversity, youth mentorship and education.

The City-owned five-acre site will become a vegetable/herb/flower farm lead by Three Sisters Gardens and an organic production nursery lead by Planting Justice.

“On behalf of Planting Justice, we are so grateful for the incredible support we are receiving from the City of Sacramento, Council member Schenirer’ s office and Assembly member Cooper,” saidCo-Founder and Director of Planting Justice Gavin Raders. “PJ is excited to bring its world-class fruit tree collection to Mangan Park, give life to 10,000+ new trees/year, and support an abundant organic farm run by Three Sisters Gardens”

Funds from the State are expected to arrive in City coffers in fall 2021 with anticipated construction to begin early 2022 and first harvests expected that summer.