City of Grover Beach logoThe Grover Beach City Council recently heard an update on upcoming construction projects on West Grand Avenue and approved the timing of these projects consistent with the Major City Goals of Street Improvements and Economic Development as well as pedestrian and bicycle safety along the City’s main commercial corridor. In conjunction with the City’s West Grand Avenue Master Plan, which lays the groundwork for the revitalization of this commercial area, these improvements will make West Grand Avenue more accessible and enjoyable for residents, visitors and business owners alike. 

 “Our city continues to invest in West Grand Avenue as we advance our vision to transform this area into a thriving and vibrant commercial corridor that also provides housing for our community,” said Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee. “West Grand Avenue is a vital part of our identity in Grover Beach as it connects our community with our beautiful beachfront.” 

 Current, upcoming and recently completed projects on West Grand Avenue are designed to improve safety for all drivers, cyclists and pedestrians while enhancing accessibility and beautifying the landscape. This is achieved through pavement rehabilitation, restriping, traffic signal and sign adjustments, sidewalk and bike lane additions and landscaped center medians. 

 These improvements are focused in the following areas: 

 South Oak Park Boulevard and West Grand Avenue Intersection 

The City recently completed construction at the intersection of South Oak Park Boulevard and West Grand Avenue to improve traffic and pedestrian safety. Upgrades included pavement rehabilitation south of the intersection, striping reconfiguration north and south of the intersection, and “no right turn on red” signs along with signal timing adjustments. 

 South Oak Park Boulevard Improvements from West Grand Avenue to Mentone Avenue 

The City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes a $1.6 million pavement rehabilitation project on South Oak Park Boulevard from West Grand Avenue to Mentone Avenue, along with reconstruction of curb ramps, reconfiguration of the roadway to a single vehicle lane in each direction and addition of a buffered bike lane that maintains on-street parking. This work will begin in November. 

 West Grand Avenue Restriping 

Also in November, the City is carrying out a maintenance project on West Grand Avenue to restripe the street from 4th Street to 8th Street and 11th Street to Oak Park Boulevard. This work will also green bike lane segments at 13th Street and at Oak Park Boulevard for bicycle accessibility. This project will begin the week of November 1. 

West Grand Avenue Street Improvements 

The CIP also includes upcoming projects to improve West Grand Avenue including a $3 million West Grand Avenue streetscape project from 4th Street to 8th Street in late 2022. This project will include pavement rehabilitation, ADA curb ramps, and landscaped center medians to improve the street appearance. The City has a project in 2024 to improve West Grand Avenue between 11th Street and Oak Park Boulevard including pavement rehabilitation, reconstruction of curb ramps, and striping for a bike lane. The City will also consider potential modifications to driveways at West Grand Avenue and Oak Park Boulevard to improve access to businesses. 

The City’s largest-ever CIP, which includes ongoing rehabilitation work on local streets through the Measure K-14 Street Rehabilitation Program, provides for continued progress in making Grover Beach a more accessible and well-maintained city for all.