City of Oakley job boardThe City of Oakley is excited to announced that Paul Beard has been appointed the Oakley Police Department’s new Chief of Police, effective immediately.

“This is a very exciting time for Oakley, and we look forward to working under Paul’s leadership in law enforcement,” said Josh McMurray, Oakley’s City Manager. “He exemplifies so many of the traits that are necessary for the success of our community, not just as a Police Chief, but in all aspects of public service such as integrity and accountability.”

Chief Beard has been with the OPD since the City established its own police department in May of 2016, having formerly contracted with the County. He is celebrating 32 years in law enforcement this month, as he began his career in the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff in January 1990.

Chief Beard has worked his way through the ranks of the OPD, serving as sergeant and lieutenant before taking up his new, exciting position. He was interested in law enforcement from an early age, having grown up in a police family- his paternal grandmother was a deputy sheriff for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona and later she became the first female police officer for the Chandler Arizona Police Department. His father was also a reserve officer with that department.

“The stories I heard growing up just seemed to naturally lead me to this career,” said Beard.

And Chief Beard also has a strong bond with the Oakley community. His maternal grandparents settled in Oakley in 1944, having migrated from Arkansas where they were cotton farmers. His grandfather built a house on West Bolton Road in Oakley and his family has had ties to Oakley ever since.
“To say I am proud to serve this community in this capacity is an understatement,” said Beard. “I can’t wait to continue to support the City of Oakley.”

In his new capacity as Chief, Beard says that among his initial goals will be to continue an intensive regimen for his officers to cultivate their expertise, and also to work on quality-of-life issues that affect Oakley’s citizens such as traffic concerns and homelessness issues.

When he is not on the beat, Chief Beard is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and stepchildren. You can also find him fishing on the Delta, in the workshop in his garage that he recently built, and spending time with his four dogs.

Chief Beard will be formally sworn in on Tuesday, January 18th in the Oakley City Council Chambers.