City of Huntington Beach logoThe City of Huntington Beach ranked #1 in the nation in terms of the quality of its services to its residents according to WalletHub. Using a methodology that examined a variety of factors from financial stability, health, safety, education, economic strength, infrastructure and pollution, WalletHub determined Huntington Beach was the top city in the United States out of 150 of the most-populated cities in the nation.

“I’ve always known Surf City is the best place to live, but it’s still nice to have an independent analysis confirm it through scientific findings,” said Huntington Beach Mayor Barbara Delgleize. “Our City Council works collaboratively to prioritize the programs, services, and projects that our residents want for our city, and our city staff is the best around at implementing those policies.”

When factoring in the total budget per capita, Huntington Beach ranks high overall and is the #1 “best-run city” in the state of California. The metrics used to analyze the city and its services include factors such as Moody’s credit rating, outstanding long-term debt, the K-12 school ratings, quality of roads, recreation-friendliness, crime rate, homeless services, median household income, high school graduation rate, life expectancy, unemployment rate, business growth, home prices, commute time, and other factors.

The full report with scores for the nation’s best and worst run cities can be found on the WalletHub website.