The City of Coachella has authorized the implementation of a program that will provide financial assistance to 140 qualifying low-income immigrant families who were excluded from federal assistance stemming from COVID-19, including the expanded Child Tax Credit. The Immigrant Families Recovery Program will be run by Northern California-based Mission Asset Fund (MAF), with a proposed launch in October, and funding will be appropriated through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds in the amount of one million eight thousand dollars ($1,008,000).

“We want to help our families who were excluded from federal assistance when jobs and financial stability were compromised during the height of the pandemic,” stated Mayor Steven Hernandez. “Our goal through this program is to give those families a financial underpinning and empowerment so they too can begin rebuilding productive lives.”

The Program will outline specific requirements for applicants and a Financial Equity Framework metric will be utilized to help identify families who are most in need and will provide them with $400 monthly in cash assistance for up to 24 months. The goal of the Program is to help Coachella families rebuild their lives with dignity through financial coaching, group workshops and self-advocacy.

“Countless residents are still recovering from loss of wages and an increased cost of living, and we are here to ensure we lead and serve with equity first and foremost,” said Councilmember Neftali Galarza. “Our families are the backbone of Coachella, and I’m proud to join Mayor Hernandez to ensure they receive economic relief too.”

MAF will work with city staff to launch a website in the month of October that will house all details regarding the Program, including an application portal that will be open to interested parties for 30 days. Coachella will provide extensive community outreach in relation to this program through the City’s social media platforms,, and the community newsletter.