Chico City Logo | | actionnewsnow.comAfter concluding final interviews during the City Manager recruitment process spanning several months, the Chico City Council will formally appoint Mark Sorensen as the new City Manager for the City of Chico.

For the past ten years, Mark Sorensen has served as the City Administrator, Finance Director, Utility Director, and Risk Manager for the City of Biggs. Serving as the Administrator, Mark also became the CEO for an incorporated city managing utilities which included electric, water, sewer, and solid waste. Mark brings hands on experience with community outreach, budget management, code enforcement, streets, parks, and inter-governmental relations.

Mark’s background also includes an in-depth knowledge of the City of Chico’s organization, finances, and policies, bringing a unique perspective to the City with nearly 30 years studying various aspects of the City of Chico. With Chico being his hometown, Mark became intimately involved in the City, studying its organization, budget, revenue streams, cost structures, labor agreements, services and each of the departments from the perspective of being a resident in Chico, a 22-year local business owner, nine-years as a Chico Chamber of Commerce Board Member, 14-year Catalyst Board Member, Chico Planning Commissioner and ultimately a City Councilmember for eight-years, with two of those years serving as Mayor. Throughout his years of service, Mark worked hard on establishing collaborative relationships with a wide array of State, County and local agencies which will serve the City well as he continues the work of moving the City of Chico forward.

“The Council is privileged to welcome Mark Sorensen as our New City Manager,” said Mayor Andrew Coolidge. “His experience as a city administrator coupled with his in-depth knowledge of Chico and the issues we face will greatly benefit our community. Mark has a wealth of knowledge about the city, its operations, and finances,” said Coolidge, “these made him the right choice for the position and the best person to lead Chico forward into the future.”

Incoming City Manager Sorensen said, “my past experiences in local government have tested and proven my leadership qualities and how I handle difficult and challenging situations. I am very well prepared and look forward to finding solutions to the challenges that lie ahead serving as the City Manager of my hometown.”

Again, the City Council will make the final appointment of Mark Sorensen as City Manager at its meeting of July 5, 2022.