The City of Coachella, Mayor Steven Hernandez and Coachella’s City Council along with partners including the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), California Climate Investments and Urban Greening will be celebrating a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for urban street improvements made along Grapefruit Boulevard in the Pueblo Viejo Downtown District.  The event is planned for Tuesday, October 25th at 10am at the intersection of 6th street and Grapefruit Blvd. 

“The Grapefruit Boulevard Urban Greening and Connectivity Project represents a vital milestone for our City,” mentioned Mayor Steven Hernandez. “Climate change and healthy living have been ongoing concerns of the City, and this pivotal project brings our tireless efforts to life.”

For this project, 288 trees and plants were placed along Grapefruit Boulevard between Leoco Lane and 9th Street, to soften harsh lines of the City streetscape and help moderate temperatures and solar radiation for pedestrians and bicyclists. This effort was developed in conjunction with the rehabilitation of buildings and properties, code enforcement issues, and personal security improvements to create pleasant, safe, artful and walkable roadways in the Pueblo Viejo Downtown District.  The route will connect the key assets and activity centers in the community, including the transportation center, schools, parks, library, post office, the senior center, restaurants, and more.

“Coachella’s Grapefruit Blvd. Urban Greening project showcases the results of our strategic partnerships to secure California Climate Investments to promote community health, protect air quality, and beautify our City,” stated Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia. “I applaud Mayor Hernandez and his team for their bold, innovative vision. We celebrate this vibrant new addition to our City while continuing our collaborative work to bring more resources and opportunities to transform and improve Coachella.”

“This urban greening project is a great step forward in access to green spaces for our communities, helping us make the City a place where our existing residents can truly live, work and play,” said Councilwoman Megan Beaman Jacinto.  

The program for the Ribbon Cutting Event includes a welcome from Mayor Steven Hernandez, remarks from Deputy Secretary for Access California Natural Resources Agency, Katherine Troy, as well as Coachella Valley Association of Governments Executive Director, Tom Kirk, City Council and other dignitaries. This event is open to the public.