City of Grover Beach logoThe City of Grover Beach’s Public Works Department continues to improve the structure and quality of residential and major streets across the City. To date, the City has completed maintenance and repair of over 260 City blocks or approximately two-thirds of the streets included in the Measure K-14 Street Rehabilitation Program. 

“We are very pleased to see these investments in our infrastructure come to fruition so seamlessly,” said Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee. “This essential work has been a priority for Council and the entire Grover Beach community, and I am grateful for our City staff’s hard work and dedication to improve the day to  day lives of our residents.” 

In accordance with Council’s Major Goal of advancing street improvements across Grover Beach, the City has several projects underway. As part of the residential street projects funded through Measure K-14, contractor Granite Construction Inc. is currently working on pavement rehabilitation on 23 blocks including areas of Trouville, S. 7th Street, Nacimiento, Ocean View, Margarita Avenue and Angello Terrace. 

These street repairs are the first to use the City’s Sidewalk Infill Public/Private Partnership Program in which the City funds half of the cost of residents’ concrete improvements in front of their homes. The City’s contributions are funded by a combination of gas tax funds and the General Fund. The revised program has incentivized many more residents to participate in these sidewalk, curb and gutter improvements. At this time, the program is only available for residents who live on streets with active projects. 

The next street repair project scheduled for winter 2023 is in the design phase and includes work on North 6th Street, South 7th Street, South 10th Street, Manhattan Avenue, Seabright Avenue and Charles Street. Residents can check the Measure K-14 Street Rehabilitation Program webpage for updates on current and future projects. 

In addition, the City has allocated cannabis tax funds and Measure F-20 sales tax revenue to repair major  streets used by businesses, residents and visitors. This work began with the recently completed South Oak Park Boulevard project from West Grand Avenue to Mentone Avenue. Community members can now enjoy improved pavements, one vehicle lane, a buffered bike lane in both directions, a landscaped median and on-street parking along this section of the street.

As part of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the following streets will also be addressed over the  next several years: 

  • North 4th Street 
  • West Grand Avenue from 11th Street to Oak Park Boulevard 
  • South Oak Park Boulevard from Mentone to the Pike 

Additional major streets are anticipated to be added to the CIP as funding becomes available. 

To promote public safety measures, the City is continuing its work on the West Grand Avenue Streetscape Project, which is currently in the design phase with construction expected to start late summer 2023. The project includes implementing new landscaped medians, street trees, sidewalk repairs, accessible corner ramps, bike lanes, decorative concrete, pedestrian level lighting and more safety enhancements from 4th  Street to 8th Street. These updates will be partially funded by a $1.5 million Community Betterment Grant  received from San Luis Obispo Council of Governments

“I would first like to thank the Council for prioritizing these street improvement projects that help us better serve Grover Beach,” stated Grover Beach Public Works Director Greg Ray. “City staff have been working diligently to minimize inconveniences for residents and ensure that our work prioritizes public safety, and I am incredibly proud of the progress we are seeing as we head towards the completion of our 14th  Measure K-14 project in eight years.” 

For more information about ongoing street improvement projects and the Public Works Department, visit the City’s website