The City of Davis announced today that at its December 13, 2022, meeting, the Davis City Council voted unanimously to reissue the two-days-per-week watering restrictions for sprinkler irrigation. These restrictions were previously activated in winter 2021. This limit will aid the City in preparation for potential mandatory state reduction requirements in 2023 and reduced water availability should the drought continue.

“Thanks to the efforts of our water customers, the City of Davis continues to see reductions in overall water usage,” said Mayor Lucas Frerichs. “These reductions are in addition to the sustained conservation efforts from the previous drought. We thank all of our water customers for continuing their efforts to find and fix leaks quickly and to use water as efficiently as possible.”

The past three water years (annually October through September) have been the driest on record for California. Drought has stressed water storage and supplies. Although there has been recent rain, a fourth year of drought is likely. Water conservation can help to reduce water demands city-wide and ensure that resources are being used as efficiently as possible.

The watering schedule for sprinkler irrigation still only applies to sprinkler/spray irrigation and does not apply to other methods of irrigation such as drip systems and hand-watering. The revised restrictions that will be in place beginning January 1, 2023, (and will remain in place until lifted by City Council) are described below:

  • Sprinkler/spray irrigation is limited to two days per week. For residential and commercial properties, watering will follow an odd/even schedule:
    • Odd numbered addresses: Tuesday, Saturday
    • Even numbered addresses Wednesday, Sunday

Parks and large landscapes are not subject to the odd/even schedule restrictions listed for residential and commercial customers. The size of these properties can cause challenges with day-per-week watering limitations. The watering schedules for these properties may mean that watering is occurring more than two nights per week for the property, but each irrigation zone is only being watered two times per week.

Information about water conservation tips, water efficient plants for your garden and best practices for watering can be found at Visit for more information on City water sources and drought conditions. The Public Works Utilities and Operations Department can be reached at or 530-757-5686.