City of Grover Beach logoAs Grover Beach continues to promote economic development, the City has implemented new expectations for permanent and temporary signage for businesses. These requirements intend to create a more unified and appealing atmosphere for customers and visitors. 

“Here in Grover Beach, we believe in investing in the look and feel of our businesses. Appealing and sophisticated signage on the exterior of a business encourages customers to explore the wonderful experiences happening inside,” said Grover Beach Mayor Karen Bright. “This is one of many improvement  efforts we are working on to boost our local economy, and I appreciate our businesses’ ongoing  collaboration.” 

The Grover Beach City Council originally updated the City’s Sign Ordinance in June 2019. However, due to the impact of COVID-19 on the local business community, the City decided to delay introducing signage regulations. As the effects of the pandemic are subsiding, the City is working towards enhancing the aesthetic quality along West Grand Avenue. 

In alignment with the City’s Economic Development Strategy, the updated Sign Ordinance indicates that signage must identify businesses, protect and enhance the aesthetic qualities of the City and minimize hazards to motorists and pedestrians. It also clarifies the types of signs that are prohibited, creates more flexibility for permanent signage and outlines rules for the time, place and manner of temporary signs. All businesses were provided with a detailed handout in January that outlines the updated sign requirements. 

A Sign Permit is required to install, display, or alter a sign in Grover Beach. Businesses can obtain sign permits at the City Hall or on the Grover Beach website. Some signs may also require a building permit.  Business owners can email to request a building permit application. 

Code compliance staff will be visiting businesses at the end of January to discuss the new signage requirements. Businesses that are not compliant with the ordinance will have 90 days to adjust their signage accordingly. City staff will continue to work diligently with the business community to ensure that their needs are met and that their signage aligns with the City’s economic development goals. 

“Now that the effects of the pandemic have been significantly reduced, we are revisiting our economic development goals to turn ideas into reality,” said Grover Beach City Manager Matt Bronson.  “Standardizing and enhancing our commercial signage will foster a greater sense of community and help  us advance our tourism efforts.” 

Learn more about commercial signage on the Grover Beach website