The Board of Directors for the Dublin San Ramon Services District selected Dinesh Govindarao to fill a vacant seat on the Board.

Govindarao will represent Division 1, which includes a large portion of San Ramon’s Dougherty Valley.

The Division 1 seat became vacant when former Director Marisol Rubio resigned as of December 13, following her election to the San Ramon City Council. The Board interviewed two qualifying candidates during Tuesday night’s meeting before voting to fill the vacancy.

The appointment went into effect immediately, as new Director Govindarao was sworn in as a Boardmember for the remainder of the meeting. He will serve the second half of the remaining four-year term through December 2024. The next election for the Division 1 seat will be in November 2024.

“My big passion is serving the community and giving back,” Govindarao told the Board. “I’m really excited about this opportunity.”

About the new director

Dinesh Govindarao is a longtime San Ramon resident and attended California High School. He serves as Chief Medical Officer for a large state agency, and he also has a master’s degree in public health and a bachelor’s degree in genetics with a minor in business. He is a boardmember for the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation and an alternate member on the City of San Ramon Library Advisory Committee.


Founded in 1953, the Dublin San Ramon Services District serves 196,000 people, providing potable and recycled water service to Dublin and the Dougherty Valley area of San Ramon, wastewater collection and treatment to Dublin and south San Ramon, and wastewater treatment to Pleasanton (by contract). DSRSD also operates the Jeffrey G. Hansen Water Recycling Plant and the backbone recycled water distribution system on behalf of the San Ramon Valley Recycled Water Program. For more information about the District, visit