City of Temecula logoThe City of Temecula was awarded nearly $3.4 million in the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Cycle 11 Call-for-Projects through the California Department of Transportation. The HSIP grant funds is a product of the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act as a federal-aid program to States for the purpose of reducing fatalities and serious injuries on public roads. Temecula’s HSIP grants will pay for various traffic safety improvement projects including traffic signal upgrades, and pedestrian and cyclist mobility safety enhancements throughout the City.

The HSIP received a total of 434 applications of which 282 projects were selected for this competitive grant, including four project applications submitted by the City of Temecula. The total project cost for these four projects is approximately $4.2 million. HSIP grant funds will contribute close to $3.4 million and the City will pay the balance of approximately $800,000. Projects include:

  1. Citywide Pedestrian Countdown Signal Heads. Installation of pedestrian countdown signal heads and upgrade of traffic signal controllers at 54 signalized intersections within the City.  Grant Award: $492,930
  2. Citywide traffic signal hardware, signal timing, and communications upgrades. Upgrade traffic signal hardware including LED safety lighting, vehicle signal heads, retroreflective backplates, signal wiring, traffic signal cabinets, signal timing, and communications network equipment at 127 intersections throughout the City. Grant Award: $2,441,310
  3. Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements at Schools.  Citywide upgrades of pedestrian curb ramps at various Temecula school locations. Grant Award: $225,000
  4. Citywide Bike Safety Improvements. Improvement of cyclist safety through the installation of green bike lane pavement markings to increase visibility of cyclists and identify potential areas of conflict with turning motorists along at major cycling corridors including Jefferson Avenue, Ynez Road, Margarita Road, Pechanga Parkway, Winchester Road, Rancho California Road, and Temecula Parkway. Grant Award: $224,550

Temecula Mayor Zak Schwank states, “The City is proactive in prioritizing traffic safety infrastructure projects and this significant stride in HSIP grant funds will aid in improvements for pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular safety citywide.” Mayor Schwank adds, “We are seeing more of the community move throughout the City in different ways, including a large population of students that walk, skate, or ride their bicycle to school, and these improvements will contribute to a safer and more efficient citywide transportation system.”

Temecula City Manager Aaron Adams states “As stewards of the City’s finances, it is our duty to secure State and Federal funding where possible and Temecula is very grateful to Caltrans for their selection of our HSIP projects.” Adams adds, “Our Public Works Department continues to demonstrate exceptional leadership in preparing successful infrastructure applications to secure grants for the City including these four HSIP competitive grants, which will allow important traffic safety projects to be begin this year.” Anticipated completion of the projects will be at various times in 2024 and 2025.

The City of Temecula Public Works Department will be headlining these improvements and will provide updates as projects take form. More information regarding the HSIP Cycle 11 Call-for-Projects can be found here.