The City of Hawthorne’s City Council Chambers are officially getting a facelift. During the first two weeks of July, the City will be working to modernize the space, which hasn’t been comprehensively updated since the heyday of the Brady Bunch. These renovations will cost an estimated $150,000, and will be financed by funding from the American Rescue Act.

Much of the project is focused on updating the chambers’ technology. Two of the room’s old projector screens will be replaced with 85-inch televisions. Two additional televisions will be installed outside of the chambers in order to promote accessibility of chamber activities. The voting boards will be replaced as well. The voting board that is currently displayed in front of the city council members will be removed in favor of hanging a central television for improved visibility throughout the chambers. Furthermore, the renovation project entails treating the asbestos that was previously used to insulate the room, improving safety for all community members.

“These renovations have been a long time coming,” said City Manager Vontray Norris. “Community involvement is key to sustaining our City’s forward momentum. Making our Council Chambers inviting and accessible to all is an essential step in bolstering Hawthorne’s political involvement.”

The chamber renovations will also entail various visual upgrades. The dated acoustic (also known as popcorn) ceilings will be scraped and replaced with tiles. The seats will be reupholstered with a gray fabric, the room’s doors and vents will receive a fresh coat of paint, new curtains will be installed, and the carpet will be replaced. Additionally, the lighting throughout the chambers will be reworked in order to promote better visibility of the public and their elected representatives.

Because the renovations are scheduled to take place from July 1 through July 14, the City Council meeting that is scheduled for July 11 has been canceled. Learn more about Hawthorne’s City Council and stay tuned for information on how to attend upcoming council meetings via our website: