The City of Manteca is committed to addressing the challenges of homelessness in its community and has devoted significant resources to ensure there are lasting solutions. In response to these challenges, the City is moving forward on developing: a Low Barrier Navigation Center; transitional housing; and mixed-use affordable housing.

A Low Barrier Navigation Center is a housing-first, limited stay program designed to alleviate the pressures of living on the street to support an intense focus of looking for work and/or housing. The site also provides wrap-around services that focus on helping participants stay in their homes once they obtain housing.

To aid in the Navigation Center efforts, the City partnered with the University of the Pacific (UOP) to receive donations. As a part of the donations, the City received 100 wooden bed frames, dressers and desks from John Ballantyne residence hall to use at the City’s Navigation Center.

UOP is undergoing a full remodel of the Quads — a group of residential communities on campus — and will no longer utilize the older furniture. With this donation, UOP not only supported the development of the Navigation Center, but also prevented 4,800 pounds of waste from ending up in the landfill. The Navigation Center will receive an additional several hundred sets of furniture from UOP as renovations continue on the remaining residential buildings. 

The City’s temporary homeless housing facility is currently using the donated furniture until the City can relocate it into the permanent Navigation Center, which is scheduled for completion next year. 

In order to build and operate the Navigation Center, the City secured $16 million in financing from the State of California, $750,000 from the federal government and $2 million from San Joaquin County. In addition to the dormitories, the Navigation Center will have onsite administration, intake, offices and meeting rooms for operators and residents, dining and community space, bathrooms, showers and storage.

The City is thankful for partners such as UOP, as they allow for the City to better combat complex topics like homelessness. To learn more about the City of Manteca’s Homeless Navigation Center, visit the City’s website.

About University of the Pacific

The University of the Pacific is California’s oldest university, founded July 10, 1851—less than a year after California received statehood. Established by pioneering Methodist ministers, it remains the only Methodist-affiliated university in California. University of the Pacific’s mission is to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities.

About the City of Manteca

The City of Manteca is a thriving city with a small town feel whose heart is rooted in family values, patriotic tradition, and community service. The City was incorporated in 1918 as a general law city and operates under the council-manager form of government. Manteca is a full-service city: departments include Public Works, Finance, Fire, Police, and Engineering. Known as the “Crossroads of California” due to its location between the Bay Area and Sacramento region, Manteca and its neighboring cities of Stockton and Tracy sit in the heart of the Central Valley. For more information, visit Manteca.Gov