Hamlet logoPushing the frontier of civic transparency and engagement, Hamlet proudly unveils its latest innovation: summaries driven by AI (artificial intelligence) that are tailored for City Council meetings in Saratoga, California. With many local jurisdictions striving to ensure that their citizenry is well-informed and engaged, Hamlet’s initiative is poised to redefine how residents interact with their local governments.

Sunil Rajaraman, founder and CEO of Hamlet, said about the launch, “Local governance has always been the lifeblood of our communities. Yet in this age of information overload, we found that many residents are unable to keep pace with the intricacies of their cities’ decisions. Our AI-powered summaries are not just about convenience; they’re about reinvigorating civic participation, ensuring that every resident of Saratoga feels connected and empowered through communication that speaks to the everyday resident.”

The mayor of Saratoga, Kookie Fitzsimmons, commented, “Saratoga prioritizes transparency and communication with our citizens. Partnering with Hamlet is consistent with that objective. Hamlet’s technology can help local governments communicate with citizens its priorities in a concise manner.” 

This cutting-edge approach aims to simplify the often extensive proceedings of City Council meetings, which include terminology unique to local governments, by providing easy-to-read independent summaries. This technology provides residents with the opportunity to be more informed and engaged with what their elected City Council members and City staff are working on. 

About Hamlet

Hamlet’s mission is to utilize AI to make local government more approachable and transparent. By converting a plethora of public data—from City Council records to US Census data—into concise and insightful summaries, Hamlet serves as an invaluable tool for residents of small communities across America. But the vision doesn’t stop there. Hamlet is actively assisting local governments in launching dedicated portals, ensuring that residents have a central, reliable hub for all their civic information and enabling them to steer clear of the clutter and misinformation rampant on social media.

Interested in onboarding your City and/or County to Hamlet? Visit Hamlet’s GovCenter to explore and inquire.

For media inquiries, please contact Maya Flores, head of marketing, at maya@myhamlet.com.