City of Hawthorne logoThe City of Hawthorne is poised for significant advancements in 2024, with groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies scheduled for several parks, buildings and roadways. These transformative projects underscore the City’s commitment to fostering community growth, economic vitality and enhanced connectivity through improvements to our shared spaces.

Park Groundbreakings

Throughout the year, the City will celebrate the groundbreakings of new and improved parks. Hawthorne’s community spaces are designed to be a focal point for gatherings and outdoor activities. City officials, stakeholders and community members are invited to witness the commencement of these projects that promise to enrich the lives of Hawthorne residents.

  • Northeast Hawthorne Park (February): The Northeast Hawthorne Park groundbreaking kicks off the year with the promise of a new recreational space designed to foster community engagement and outdoor activities.
  • Zela Davis Park (March): Zela Davis Park, breaking ground in March, is a testament to the City’s dedication to expanding green spaces and providing residents with vibrant recreational areas.

Building Groundbreakings and Ribbon Cuttings

Groundbreaking ceremonies for new and improved housing, government and community center building projects will take place throughout 2024. These projects signify a strategic effort to bolster the local economy, create jobs and foster a vibrant community.

  • Housing Rehabilitation Project (March): The Housing Rehabilitation Project, celebrated in March, signifies the completion of a project aimed at improving housing conditions for the community.
  • City Hall Expansion and Civic Park (August): August brings the groundbreaking for the  City Hall Expansion and Civic Park project, reflecting the City’s commitment to a modern and functional civic space.
  • Senior Center Rehabilitation (September): September sees the commencement of the Senior Center Rehabilitation project, emphasizing the City’s dedication to supporting its senior community.

Roadway Improvement Groundbreakings and Ribbon Cuttings

Throughout 2024, the City will break ground on and complete several significant roadway improvement projects. These initiatives aim to improve traffic flow, enhance safety and contribute to the overall infrastructure resilience of Hawthorne. Our roadway improvement efforts signify our dedication to creating a more efficient, connected and safe city.

  • Alley Reconstruction Project (February): The Alley Reconstruction Project groundbreaking underscores the City’s commitment to infrastructure improvement, enhancing connectivity within the community.
  • 120th Street Phase I (April): April marks the ribbon-cutting ceremony for 120th Street, showcasing the completion of the first phase of a vital infrastructure project.
  • Hawthorne Blvd (May): May brings the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Hawthorne Blvd, a project aimed at enhancing a key thoroughfare in the City.
  • El Segundo Phase I (June): The El Segundo Phase I groundbreaking in June initiates a project aimed at enhancing infrastructure and accessibility in the City.

Together, these ceremonies symbolize a comprehensive approach to community development, aligning with the City’s vision for a prosperous and resilient Hawthorne. “These upcoming groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings mark pivotal moments in Hawthorne’s continued growth and enhancement,” said City Manager Vontray Norris. “With each new and improved space, we are shaping a future that reflects our commitment to a thriving, interconnected community. These endeavors symbolize not just progress but a shared vision for a resilient and prosperous Hawthorne.”

The City invites residents, media and stakeholders to join these groundbreaking ceremonies. For RSVP or media inquiries, please contact (310)349-2900.