BBK Firm Attorneys at Law logoOn October 13, 2023, Senate Bill (SB) 69 (Cortese 2023) was enacted and it amended Section 21152 of the Public Resources Code. This amendment provides that all environmental notices (i.e., notices of determination (NODs) and notices of exemption (NOEs) for projects that are filed with a County Clerk must also be submitted to the State Clearinghouse using OPR’s CEQA Submit portal.

Beginning January 1, 2024, all NODs and NOEs filed with the local county clerk must also be filed electronically with OPR.

Registration with OPR CEQA Submit

To register with OPR for electronic submission of NODs and NOEs, an email must be sent to with the subject line stating: “CEQA Submit Registration.” The following information should be included in the body of an email:

  • Name
  • Entity/Agency name
  • official work email

One individual in the organization must be designated as the administrator. The administrator will approve requests from individuals to submit documents on behalf of the Entity/Agency.

Once the registration is approved by OPR, any person who wants to submit environmental notices to OPR for the Entity/Agency must create an account on the CEQA Submit portal and the administrator will need to approve the submitter’s request.

Fish and Wildlife 2024 Fees Increase

An increase in fees for the Department of Fish and Wildlife will be effective January 1, 2024. . For a Negative Declaration or a Mitigated Negative Declaration, the new filing fee is $2,916.75.  For an Environmental Impact Report, the new filing fee is $4,051.25.  For an environmental document prepared pursuant to a Certified Regulatory Program, the filing fee has been increased to $1,377.25.

For more information or questions, please contact Amanda Daams or Tammy Ingram.

Authored by BBK Of Counsel Amanda E. Daams and Paralegal Tammy L. Ingram

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