City of Glendora logoOn February 5, 2024, the California Department of Parks and Recreation announced the City of Glendora will be awarded $1 million to help fund Phases 2 and 3 of the San Dimas Wash Urban Trail. This project is the first piece of the City’s People Movement Project, and includes 1.5 miles of new multiuse trail, security gates, safety fencing, seating boulders, wayfinding, interpretive signage, monument signage, a bicycle repair station and bike racks.  The award is part of the State’s recommendations for $6.7 million to the Federal Highway Administration’s Recreation Trails grant program (RTP) for seven nonmotorized trail projects in cities across California.

“Securing grants from state and federal resources allows local cities to fund projects that might not otherwise be possible,” said Glendora Mayor Mendell Thompson.  “Completing phases of the People Movement Project will enhance larger efforts like the Metro line while increasing everyday value for Glendorans.”

Glendora’s People Movement Project is a strategic build out of over 10-miles of active transportation infrastructure. Additionally, the People Movement Project would deliver key first/last mile improvements for the Metro L (Gold) Line and fully develop the Glendora Urban Trail System. Major components of the project are anticipated to be completed in late 2025 to coincide with the opening of the Metro L (Gold) Line extension to Pomona.

“State and Federal support for local nonmotorized projects is critical to the success of smaller communities to provide alternative means of transportation,” said Glendora Transportation Manager Steven Mateer.  “This money is an investment in the future that will benefit Glendora and the region.”

Grant programs such as RTP help advance outdoor access by providing funds to local, state, federal and nonprofit organizations to develop non-motorized recreation trails (paved, non-paved and backcountry) and trail-related facilities projects as well as acquire trail corridors. Since 1993, approximately 300 RTP non-motorized trails and facilities throughout California have been created or improved from $60 million in grant funding.

For questions about the San Dimas Wash Urban Trail Project or the People Movement Program, you can contact Steven Mateer at (626) 852-4846 or