City of Hawthorne logoIn its continued commitment to fostering accessibility and community involvement, the City of Hawthorne is proud to promote its initiatives aimed at fostering communication and streamlining resident interaction with local services. Since November 2021, the City has published its monthly CityView newsletter; additionally, The MyHawthorne311 app has connected community members with city resources since July 2022.

“Our CityView newsletter and MyHawthorne311 are instrumental in enhancing our connection with the community,” said City Manager Vontray Norris. “These platforms offer accessible and efficient channels for residents to stay informed, report issues, and actively participate in the betterment of our City.”

CityView Newsletter: Connecting Communities

Hawthorne’s CityView newsletter is a comprehensive source of information that keeps residents, businesses, and visitors updated on the latest news, events, and programs in Hawthorne. This monthly publication serves as a bridge between the City and its community, offering insights into municipal projects, community initiatives, important local updates, employment opportunities, and resources to learn more about each subject.

Subscribers can look forward to engaging content that enhances their connection with the vibrant happenings in Hawthorne. To sign up for this monthly digest, head to Hawthorne’s Contact Us page.

MyHawthorne311: Your Direct Connection to City Services

MyHawthorne311 is a revolutionary platform designed to empower residents, businesses, and visitors to report local issues, ask questions, and monitor resolutions conveniently, 24/7, 365 days a year. By simply opening the MyHawthorne311 app, selecting an issue, snapping a picture, and tapping submit, users can directly communicate with City staff. The platform allows residents to track the status of their requests online and through the mobile app, ensuring a transparent and efficient service experience.

Key Features of MyHawthorne311:

  • 24/7 Accessibility: Access city services anytime, anywhere.

  • Issue Reporting: Easily report non-emergency concerns with photos and descriptions.

  • Status Tracking: Monitor the progress of your service requests.

  • Email Notifications: Receive updates on your service requests via email.

  • Anonymous Reporting: Most service request types can be entered anonymously.

  • Multiple Requests: Submit multiple requests with separate submissions.

Residents can download the MyHawthorne311 app via the Hawthorne web portal or the MyCivic 311 Mobile App.