Los Altos Hills logoOn February 15, 2024, the City Council for the Town of Los Altos Hills unanimously approved a  pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use Policy for the Town. This groundbreaking policy not only establishes guidelines for responsible AI use but positions Los Altos Hills as a model for other cities to follow in advancing governance and community service through safe and ethical AI integration. 

“I am proud to announce the approval of our groundbreaking AI Use Policy, a testament to our Town’s  forward-thinking approach to technology,” said Mayor Stan Mok. “Special thanks to the dedicated Tech  Committee and my fellow Council members for their visionary leadership in shaping a policy that sets  new standards for innovation and responsible AI integration in our community as well as others that are welcome to use this as inspiration for their own.” 

This policy provides rules and guidance for Town staff to support the responsible use of Generative AI tools.  It covers the benefits and risks of using Generative AI such as ChatGPT as well as acceptable uses. It lays out requirements to ensure the technology is used responsibly and safely. It also covers procurement,  enforcement, and training. The Town is committed to encouraging the use of emerging technologies that promote progress and innovation, increase organizational performance, and serve the public good. 

“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Tech Committee and the Council for their visionary leadership in approving our groundbreaking AI Use Policy as well as the technical support of Dr. Jonathan  Reichental,” said City Manager Peter Pirnejad. “This forward-thinking approach to using emerging technology sets a new standard for Villages, Towns, and Cities of all sizes. The policy showcases our commitment to leadership in the area of innovation and responsible technology integration. Together, we  pave the way for a smarter and more inclusive future for our community.” 

The AI Use Policy demonstrates the Town’s commitment to being at the forefront of policy innovation.  Los Altos Hills serves as a model for other municipalities seeking guidance on the safe and responsible use of AI to enhance governance and serve their communities. 

For more information about the Town’s AI Use Policy and other initiatives, please visit the Town’s website or contact the City Manager’s Office.