City of Palmdale logoAt its January 24 meeting, the Palmdale City Council took bold action to significantly increase support for sheriff’s deputies to address criminal behavior. Through the adoption of a new public safety ordinance, the City can now prosecute illegal activity that the Los Angeles District Attorney is refusing to prosecute. By taking this action, the City Council seeks to improve public safety and residents’ quality of life.

The ordinance, passed by a unanimous vote of the City Council, adds nuisance abatement regulations to the Palmdale Municipal Code. The code changes allow the City to better enforce misdemeanors such as public intoxication, public urination, fighting on public property, open containers and public drug activity. The City plans to prosecute these violations in Superior Court, using diversion programs and other resources.

“Like many communities, Palmdale places a priority on public safety. The City is proactively working to address the community’s concerns and using innovative new local laws to provide tools to our deputies. Public safety is a team effort that involves our entire community, our Sheriff’s deputies and our staff at City Hall working together. This is one in a series of steps we are taking in 2024 to invest in our community’s security,” said Mayor Austin Bishop. “Palmdale is fearless in taking action to protect law-abiding residents and families.”

City Council Member Eric Ohlsen continued, “The effort to incorporate these types of laws into city codes is a bold step by the City of Palmdale to proactively address public safety concerns and not be a victim of pervasive weak-on-crime policies.”

Beyond adopting these new enforcement tools, the City has made significant progress in streamlining other public safety efforts by consolidating various teams, including Code Enforcement, Community Service officers, Neighborhood Compliance and Public Safety Outreach, into a newly formed department. The Public Safety Department is exploring multiple cutting-edge technologies and partnerships capable of dramatically reducing crime within City limits. The City has already implemented effective technologies such as Flock license plate reader cameras to quickly locate suspect vehicles.

“These strategic initiatives represent Palmdale’s ongoing commitment to foster a secure and thriving community,” said Mayor Pro Tem Richard J. Loa. “There is no higher duty of the City Council than to provide for the security and safety of all its residents. That is why in August of 2021 our council passed a resolution of no confidence in district attorney Gascón. The City anticipates announcing additional measures in the coming months to further innovate its operations and tools to prioritize the well-being and quality of life for all community members.”

Mayor Bishop concluded, “Palmdale is a law and order community. Criminals are advised to move along in this town as they will find it increasingly uncomfortable to operate in Palmdale.”

Residents are encouraged to learn more about the new department by visiting