The City of Indian Wells has been allocated $5 million in federal grant funding for the Whitewater Channel Lining Project, a critical investment that will bolster flood protection measures, drive economic development, and create job opportunities within the community. Sponsored by Congressman Ken Calvert, funding for the Whitewater Channel Lining Project was included as part of a larger initiative known as the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which secured $44.1 million for projects within the 41st District.

“This funding marks a significant milestone for Indian Wells’ infrastructure and economic growth,” said Indian Wells Mayor Greg Sanders. “On behalf of the entire City of Indian Wells, I want to express my thanks to Congressman Calvert for championing such a transformative project that will ensure the safety and security of our community and lay the groundwork for sustainable economic growth.”

The Whitewater Channel Lining Project will enhance the structural integrity of the Whitewater River Stormwater Channel, safeguarding Indian Wells against flood-related damages. The project will consist of the installation of approximately 7,400 linear feet of reinforced slope protection along the north and south slopes of the channel – a major flood conveyance system for the Coachella Valley with a total drainage area of 743 square miles.

“Riverside County continues to be one of the fastest growing regions in the state and country, which is why we need additional resources to build long-overdue infrastructure projects for our residents,” said Congressman Calvert. “My staff and I have worked collaboratively with the Indian Wells City Council and staff to prioritize the Whitewater Channel Lining project to receive federal funding. This project will provide the community with much-needed protection from flood-related damage and facilitate economic development for the region.”

For more information and project updates, please visit the City of Indian Wells Projects webpage.