City of Palmdale logoThe City of Palmdale is taking an aggressive stance against retail theft through various enhanced efforts, including its ongoing involvement in the Antelope Valley Organized Retail Crime (AVORC) Program. AVORC is a vital platform for sharing information among Antelope Valley retailers, law enforcement and elected officials.

“The City of Palmdale is proud to be a part of uniting local businesses and law enforcement partners to combat retail theft,” said Mayor Austin Bishop. “By fostering collaboration and sharing resources through programs like AVORC, we actively seek new ways to strengthen resilience against criminal activities and invest in the security of our community.”

Quarterly meetings organized by the City’s Public Safety department have fostered collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders in the fight against retail theft. These gatherings have brought together state and local elected officials and retailers spanning California, Nevada and Arizona to discuss increased crime-prevention efforts. AVORC gathers on pertinent legislative matters, including establishing a united front in response to assembly bills and voter-approved propositions directly impacting retail theft laws.

At the most recent meeting at the Antelope Valley Mall, retailers convened to exchange insights and strategies with Palmdale Sheriff’s Station deputies. Together, they addressed ongoing incidents, worked on identifying suspects and strengthened case development efforts.

“Palmdale is committed to taking a strong stand against crime,” said Palmdale Mayor Pro Tem Richard J. Loa. “The City will continue to look for new ways to enhance community safety and will prosecute retail theft to the full extent of the law.”

Beyond participation in AVORC, the City has strengthened its crime prevention efforts by strategically consolidating Code Enforcement, Community Service officers, Neighborhood Compliance, and Public Safety Outreach into a newly established public safety department. The department is a united front for the City that collectively seeks out innovative technologies to significantly decrease crime within the City’s boundaries. Advanced technologies like Flock license plate reader cameras have already been introduced.

The AVORC program emphasizes the City’s commitment to safeguarding local businesses and enhancing public safety. For more information on the AVORC program, interested parties are encouraged to contact the Public Safety Office at 661/267-5170 or via email at More information on the City’s other crime prevention efforts can be found at