City of Eastvale logoSeveral years ago, the City of Eastvale set out to create a vibrant civic center and downtown hub to be enjoyed by Eastvale residents and visitors for generations to come. This ambitious initiative aims to redefine the city’s skyline.

Guided by the Leal Master Plan, this project spans across 158.6-acres along 58th Street, Hamner Avenue, Limonite Avenue and Scholar Way. It will one day feature vital facilities like City Hall, a new library and innovation center, Eastvale’s first dedicated police sub-station and a third fire station. It will also be home to beautifully constructed parks, elevated residential areas and 595,000 square feet of retail and commercial space.

Development began in August 2022 after unanimous approval from the City Council and phase one of the project is projected to be completed in four to five years. This will be a pivotal milestone in Eastvale’s urban renewal. Once completed, the City anticipates improved resident access and enhanced program implementation with the debut of the new civic center.

The necessity of these new facilities cannot be overstated. Currently, Eastvale faces challenges due to limited infrastructure, including shared resources like the high school library, which restricts accessibility for citizens and discourages the implementation of essential resources. A dedicated police station not only ensures quicker response times but also addresses safety concerns for deputies commuting a minimum of 10 miles.  Constructing a new City Hall is essential to accommodate the City’s rapid growth and evolving citizen needs, providing space for expanded services and reflecting Eastvale’s commitment to progress.

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