City of La Cañada Flintridge logoThe City of La Canada Flintridge is proud to announce the release of its new Crime Prevention Diagram for residential buildings. Developed in collaboration with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County  Fire Department, this comprehensive checklist equips homeowners with the necessary steps to safeguard their properties against potential security threats and enhance overall community safety. 

This initiative diagram underscores the City’s commitment to providing proactive crime prevention strategies and fostering a secure environment for all residents. Key  features of the diagram include: 

  • Exterior Security Measures: Guidance on securing entry points such as doors, windows  and garages to deter unauthorized access. 
  • Interior Security Measures: Guidance on securing interior belongings and utilizing  technology to remain alert, even when residents are not home. 
  • Landscaping Tips: Recommendations for maintaining landscaping to improve visibility and discourage hiding spots for intruders. 
  • Home Lighting: Suggestions for adequate exterior lighting to illuminate dark areas and enhance visibility during nighttime hours. 

“The release of the Crime Prevention Diagram demonstrates LCF’s dedication to working hand in hand with law enforcement agencies and fire departments to promote a safer and more resilient community,” noted Mayor Gunter. “By empowering residents with practical tools and resources, we can collectively strengthen our defenses  against potential threats.”