Ontario Police Department is launching SPIDR Tech, a Versaterm Public Safety company, which is an automated notification system that will send automated text messages to people who have called 911 or the non-emergency phone number and requested service from the Ontario Police Department.
Ontario Police Department’s text notifications:

✓ Will only be sent to individuals who placed their request for Police Department services by calling (909) 986-6711 or 911 using a cell phone
✓ Will NOT send texts about in-progress calls and situations where a text message may pose safety concerns for the individuals involved
✓ Can be accessed in Spanish by using the link provided in the text
✓ Will ONLY be delivered from the phone number (909) 340-3751
✓ Cannot be used to send text communications to dispatchers
✓ Will provide updates on delayed response times after 30 minutes, outcomes, and case numbers if applicable
✓ Will offer the ability to give feedback on interactions with first responders via a survey link

The benefits of the new technology include enhanced communication for those who are requesting police services. By utilizing SPIDR Tech, Ontario Police Department will be able to efficiently communicate with the community and provide a higher level of service to citizens and visitors of Ontario. Responses from the community will also allow Ontario Police Department to analyze feedback and apply it to operational improvements and response times.

Please continue to report emergencies via 911 and non-emergencies at (909) 986-6711 or through our online reporting system at https://www.ontarioca.gov/Police/Reporting.