City of Palmdale logoThree criminals, including one who was armed, were arrested because of the swift action of Palmdale Code Enforcement and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. These latest arrests demonstrate the City’s commitment to combat crime and uphold public safety – and send the message that graffiti will not be tolerated in Palmdale.

On March 15, Code Enforcement Officers alerted authorities of graffiti vandalism in progress on 10th St. East. Palmdale Sheriff’s deputies promptly responded to the incident and encountered three males in the act of spray-painting a wall. Deputies quickly detained the suspects. Despite initial cooperation, one of the individuals suddenly threw a handgun on the ground and attempted to evade law enforcement, resulting in a foot pursuit. The fleeing suspect was captured and taken into custody. These arrests took criminals off the streets of Palmdale, including one with a loaded handgun with ten .40 caliber live rounds in the magazine.

The Palmdale City Council is committed to stringent public safety measures.

“Palmdale is not a safe haven for those who break the law,” Mayor Austin Bishop declared. “The City has new policies aimed at addressing and prosecuting criminal behavior. Our strong partnership with the Sheriff’s Department, in coordination with the City’s Code Enforcement officers and Flock surveillance cameras, will ensure a vigilant watch over the City.”

Palmdale encourages residents and businesses with information on criminal activities to report it to the appropriate authorities. Together, Palmdale can continue to uphold the values of safety, integrity and justice that define our community.

For more information, visit or call 661/267-5436.