League of California Cities logoThe League of California Cities (Cal Cities), County Engineers Association of California (CEAC), and California State Association of Counties® (CSAC) proudly announce the winners of the 2024 Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Awards. These awards celebrate innovative and cost-efficient programs across California that preserve and protect investments in local streets, roads, and bridges.

Sponsored by Cal Cities, CEAC, and CSAC, the Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Awards will be presented to seven groundbreaking programs during the Cal Cities Public Works Officers Institute on March 13 in Monterey County.

“The award-winning projects underscore the vital role of transportation funding in maintaining California’s local streets and roads system and ensuring the safety of its residents,” said Panos Kokkas, President of the County Engineers Association of California and Director of Transportation for Trinity County. “These initiatives go beyond mere infrastructure enhancements — cities and counties are strategically investing in endeavors that foster economic growth and safeguard the environment.”

This year’s overall winner, the Town of Windsor, is recognized for an innovative intersection improvement and multi-use pathway connector project that created a safer active transportation infrastructure for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

“Californians depend on the safety and reliability of their local streets and roads and cities and counties are delivering on important transportation projects in their communities,” said Julie Lucido, Cal Cities Department of Public Works President and Director of Public Works for the City of Napa. “These award-winning projects highlight the innovation and excellence happening at the local level and the critical role local governments play in meeting the state’s climate goals.”

Brief descriptions of the winning projects are included below. Full descriptions of winners and finalists are available on the Save California Streets website.

Overall Winner
The Windsor River Road and Windsor Road Intersection Improvement and Multi-Use Pathway Connector Project

The Windsor River Road and Windsor Road Intersection Improvement and Multi-Use Pathway Connector Project enhanced the safety of the connection gateway into the downtown Town Green area. The project included new sidewalks, realigned crosswalks, ADA curb ramps and refuge medians, along with a 760-foot connector segment to a regional multi-use pathway. The roundabout has high pedestrian use due to the nearby High Schools and is one of only 7 roundabouts with a railroad track running through it. The project prioritized multimodal transportation and sustainability. It showcases the successful integration of efficient planning, modern roundabout design and environmental consciousness in infrastructure development.

Roads: Efficient and Sustainable Road Maintenance, Construction and Reconstruction Projects
Citywide Pavement Rehabilitation Program – Phases 1 and 2, City of Moreno Valley

The Citywide Pavement Rehabilitation Program exceeded expectations when it completed 460 lane miles and 1,006 street segments in just 18 months by utilizing federal recovery act plans and state gas tax funds. The project showcased innovative rehabilitation strategies, advanced technology, safety measures and environmental sustainability. It resulted in improved road quality, refreshed striping and enhanced accessibility, raising the citywide Pavement Condition Index from 72 to 76.

Bridge: Efficient and Sustainable Bridge Maintenance, Construction and Reconstruction Projects
Green Tree Boulevard Extension, City of Victorville

The Green Tree Boulevard Extension Project established a vital alternate thoroughfare across the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and Mojave River, connecting multiple regions. The project prioritized environmental considerations, implemented mitigation measures and addressed funding constraints through strategic planning. The completed initiative significantly benefits the tri-community area through reduced travel times, improved access, congestion relief and environmental sustainability.

Safety or Intelligent Transportation System Projects — TIE
Ord Terrace Elementary School Crossing Improvements Project, City of Seaside

The Ord Terrace Elementary School Crossing Improvement Project enhanced Safe Routes to School for over 400 students. Funded through Measure X, SB 1 funds and the City’s General Fund, the project prioritized safety and incorporated sustainable features like solar-paneled lighted crosswalks.

American Avenue and Golden State Boulevard Intersection Realignment, County of Fresno

The American Avenue and Golden State Boulevard Intersection Realignment Project addressed significant design challenges while enhancing safety and traffic flow at the busy intersection. The comprehensive improvements aimed at eliminating hazards and enhancing traffic flow have made the intersection safer for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Complete Streets Projects — TIE
Upper Market Corridor Safety Improvements Project, City and County of San Francisco

The Upper Market Corridor project in San Francisco achieved notable successes by improving safety, beautifying the area and accommodating diverse modes of transportation. The project’s completion not only enhanced safety but also activated the space for the community by promoting the utilization of the corridor and setting the stage for future innovative and beautification efforts in San Francisco.

Safe Streets for 17th Street and Michigan Avenue, City of Santa Monica

The Safe Streets for 17th Street and Michigan Avenue Project was designed to improve bike and pedestrian safety and combat climate change. The 1.5-mile project features curb-protected bike lanes, Dutch-style intersections, mini traffic circles, leading pedestrian intervals, curb extensions, pedestrian scale lighting, a red-painted bus zone and a newly resurfaced roadway. The project marks a crucial step towards advancing the City’s key strategic priority of fostering a sustainable and connected community.

To learn more about the Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Awards and explore previous award winning projects, please visit the Save California Streets website.