City of Palmdale logoAccelerating toward a future of innovative transportation solutions, the City of Palmdale, along with representatives from Metro and the County of Los Angeles, embarked on a stakeholder tour of the Transportation Technology Center (TTC) in Pueblo, CO, on April 1-2. The visit aimed to gain insights and inspiration for the proposed Center for Transportation Excellence (CTTE) project in Palmdale.

The facility in Pueblo, Colorado has over 50 miles of test track, including the renowned High Tonnage Loop, which has been instrumental in studying long-term wear on train components and rail infrastructure.

The delegation from Palmdale, which consisted of Mayor Austin Bishop, Councilmember Eric Ohlsen, City Manager Ronda Perez and Assistant City Manager Salvador Mendez joined representatives from various entities, including the Office of LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, the City of Los Angeles, LA Metro and the Antelope Valley Economic Development & Growth Enterprise (AVEDGE).

“The tour of the Colorado TTC has been invaluable in understanding the possibilities and innovations that the Center for Transportation Technology Excellence could bring to our region,” said Mayor Austin Bishop. “We are excited about the prospects of enhancing transportation technology and infrastructure in Palmdale.”

The trip included presentations, site tours and demonstrations, offering Palmdale a comprehensive understanding of the facility’s capabilities and potential collaboration opportunities.

About The CTTE Project

The transit landscape faces numerous hurdles, including limited access to vehicle and system-level testing, a shortage of skilled workforce and delays in project delivery and deployment. With nearly 13,000 railcars and 16,000 buses expected to be procured over the next two decades, there is a pressing need for a facility in LA County dedicated to manufacturing, testing and training for newer technologies such as zero-emission vehicles, microgrids, autonomous vehicles and new rail cars.

The CTTE concept in Palmdale envisions a 6.9-mile-long test track and approximately 500,000 square feet of facilities for testing laboratories, research and development and training. Additionally, the property would allow for the development of manufacturing facilities collectively sized at 1,500,000 square feet. This comprehensive approach aims to address the challenges faced by transit agencies while fostering innovation and economic growth, bringing 114,310 direct and indirectly generated jobs to Palmdale.

“Our visit to the Transportation Technology Center has reinforced the importance of investing in cutting-edge transportation solutions such as a dedicated facility,” said Mayor Pro Tem Richard J. Loa. “The insights gained here will undoubtedly shape our approach to fostering transportation excellence in Palmdale.”

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