City of Palmdale logoIn a bold move to further enhance community safety, the City of Palmdale is advancing three significant public safety technology initiatives. The new investments include a 50% increase in Flock cameras across the City, an expansion of its Ring camera program with a focus on business users and the deployment of Fūsus, a complete camera monitoring and video data integration platform that will help the City more deeply leverage its extensive camera network.

“Palmdale is no stranger to innovation, and we know that combining technology with boots on the ground provides us with huge advantages in combating crime. Palmdale has already made significant investments in cameras, and adding the Fūsus technology will give a unified view of criminal activity in the City,” said Mayor Austin Bishop. “Bottomline, if you are engaging in illegal activity in Palmdale, we will see you, we will arrest you and we will prosecute you. I urge criminals and those intent on doing evil to share that message with their friends.”

The City is entering negotiations to deploy the Fūsus platform — the first use of this software in north Los Angeles County. The technology is used by law enforcement agencies nationwide to provide real-time crime solutions. The system will combine existing video feeds from an array of cameras, including the City’s Flock cameras and those privately owned by residents and businesses that opt-in, and synthesize them into real-time intelligence. The platform will provide faster access to high-resolution footage through its crime center. Residents and businesses can join the fight against crime and securely share their camera data. A multimedia tip line for the public further enhances investigative capabilities and empowers residents to help deter crime.

The City Council has also allocated funds for a second round of Ring security equipment that will be deployed to local businesses through its Business Watch program. Ring cameras integrate the user’s smartphone or tablet via the free Ring app, providing real-time alerts and helping business owners remain vigilant and informed. This camera data can also be provided to law enforcement to gather evidence and locate suspects. Palmdale’s existing Flock cameras have already been instrumental in locating vehicles of interest and tracking the movements of suspects, which has led to multiple arrests and prosecutions. Layering in more cameras will expand the tracking capacity of law enforcement and provide additional surveillance capabilities.

“Fūsus will elevate our ability to tackle crime and protect our community. As it helps us successfully nab bad actors, our reputation for prosecuting crime will sink in and criminals either be deterred or just move along,” said Mayor Pro Tem Richard Loa. “By combining Palmdale’s tough-on-crime programs and policies, Ring security technology, an expanded Flock camera network and the integration of Fūsus, we are creating a safer city for everyone.”

Beyond technological advancements, Palmdale implemented aggressive new measures into its municipal code to address criminal behavior and prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law. This innovative effort allows the City to prosecute crimes that are not prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

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