City of Vacaville logoThe City of Vacaville is delighted to announce that the Peña Adobe Park Pond Restoration Project has been awarded a generous grant of $100,000 by California State Parks, as part of their commitment to supporting environmental conservation initiatives statewide. This significant grant will enable the City to undertake crucial restoration efforts aimed at preserving and enhancing the ecological integrity of the pond.

The Peña Adobe Historical Society played an integral role in the application process, providing invaluable information and historical context regarding the native flora and fauna of the area. Their support, including a letter advocating for the project, was instrumental in conveying the urgent need for restoration and garnering support from California State Parks.

Additionally, community outreach efforts conducted through surveys yielded overwhelmingly supportive responses, demonstrating the shared enthusiasm and commitment of local residents towards the restoration of these vital ecological habitats.

Fluctuating rainfall patterns has resulted in diminished water levels, necessitating manual intervention to maintain the pond’s viability. The project aims to address these challenges through restoration, lining, and filtration and aeration of the pond to ensure year-round activity. Furthermore, enhancements to vegetation and habitat improvements will not only benefit local wildlife but also create accessible pathways to the pond, fostering inclusivity and engagement within the community.

“We are incredibly grateful to California State Parks for their generous grant award, which will enable us to realize our vision of restoring and enhancing the Peña Adobe Park Pond,” said Melody Ocampo, Recreation Manager with the City of Vacaville Parks and Recreation Department. “This funding represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to preserve the natural beauty and ecological diversity of our local parklands.”

The restoration of the pond to a permanent status holds immense potential for outdoor recreation and positive wildlife conservation effects, enriching the park experience for visitors and ensuring the sustainability of our natural heritage for future generations.