City of Ventura logoOn March 26, 2024, the Ventura City Council approved a five-year plan to address homelessness. This plan, developed through collaboration with the County of Ventura, City of Oxnard, and City of Thousand Oaks, outlines a strategy tailored to Ventura’s needs. LeSar Development Consultants played a crucial role by providing extensive research to inform the plan.

The Point in Time Count, mandated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), serves as a crucial tool for communities seeking federal grants to address homelessness. Results from the 2024 Ventura County Homeless Point in Time Count, conducted by the Ventura County Continuum of Care, showed a significant change. The number of sheltered persons increased by 14.7% from 2023 to 2024, reaching 927 individuals, while the number of unsheltered persons decreased by 12.4% to 1,431.

Key action areas within Ventura highlight the need to create permanent housing and prevention solutions to break the cycle of homelessness. These efforts involve securing funding, integrating CalAIM’s Enhanced Care Management (ECM) services, fostering partnerships, and enhancing data tracking capabilities.

Mayor Joe Schroeder commented, “The approval of Ventura’s 5-year homelessness plan by the City Council is a testament to our City’s dedication to creating positive change. Through partnership and community input, we’re taking meaningful steps to support this important community issue.”

Drawing insights from the Navigating Homelessness: A Community Engagement Survey, with over 1,100 responses, the City has initiated impactful programs. Among these is the Homeless Prevention and Diversion Program, launched on February 14, 2024, providing critical rental assistance. Strengthening its street outreach, the City partnered with the County of Ventura’s Human Services Agency to offer essential case management.

Insights from the Business Engagement Survey underscore the community’s commitment to addressing homelessness. Close to 90% of local business owners affirmed their presence in the community, identifying key areas for intervention, including affordable housing, behavioral health services, and substance abuse programs.

Currently, City staff are actively pursuing funding opportunities, recently applying for grants, and exploring avenues to expand ECM services. The City Council approved the homelessness plan and directed staff to implement Planning Commission’s suggestions, with updates to be provided quarterly. This approval fulfills a portion of the sixth cycle Housing Element. The City of Ventura aims to address homelessness with compassion and forward-thinking, with the County of Ventura’s homelessness plan aiding in this mission. The City Council prioritizes tenant protections, doubling foul weather shelter capacity, ensuring ADA accessibility for all shelter beds, and establishing an achievement timetable.

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