City of Santa Clara logoThe Santa Clara Stadium Authority and the San Francisco 49ers have reached an agreement to resolve long-standing disputes related to public safety expenses, buffet costs for Legacy seat license holders and other items related to operations at Levi’s® Stadium, which is on City land and is owned by the Stadium Authority (a public entity, governed by Santa Clara officials).

The Settlement Agreement includes many benefits to the City and Stadium Authority. The Agreement reduces the amount that the Stadium Authority owes the 49ers by $7.5 million (from $22.3 million to $14.8 million) and provides payment of $7.1 million in Performance Rent to the City of Santa Clara. The settlement also amends various agreements resulting in new revenue to the City of Santa Clara on an annual basis (estimated at $2.8 million next fiscal year, FY 2024-25). Based on agreements signed more than 10 years ago, the 49ers pay the City for public safety costs for NFL games and then the Stadium Authority reimburses the 49ers for a portion of those costs. This deal reduces the Stadium Authority’s reimbursement obligations by $108,000 per game and adds an additional $4 per ticket surcharge to non-NFL events to help offset the Stadium Authority’s commitment to fund a portion of NFL public safety.

“We believe the Settlement Agreement addresses key concerns and provides a fair and advantageous resolution for the Stadium Authority and Santa Clara residents,” said Jōvan D. Grogan, Executive Director of the Stadium Authority and Santa Clara City Manager. “By settling this dispute and restructuring terms in the original agreements that helped bring the 49ers to Santa Clara, we were able to achieve both immediate and long-term financial benefits for the City of Santa Clara. As a result of the Settlement Agreement, we project that Santa Clara’s general fund will receive $20M in total revenue from Levi’s® Stadium over the next two years.”

The Settlement Agreement is between the Santa Clara Stadium Authority (“SCSA”), City of Santa Clara and various entities related to the San Francisco 49ers’, notably the Forty Niners SC Stadium Company LLC (“StadCo”) and Forty Niners Stadium Management Company LLC.

View the full signed Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release.

Amendments to the Stadium Lease, Ground Lease and other agreements related to the settlement terms are scheduled for action by the Stadium Authority and City at a concurrent meeting of the Santa Clara City Council on May 28, 2024 at 7 p.m.