City of Union City logoThis past month, Union City celebrated Earth Day 2024 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil Union City’s Community Compost Hub located at 35700 Alvarado-Niles Road. The event was attended by esteemed guests, including the City Council, representatives from Senator Aisha Wahab’s office, Assemblymember Liz Ortega’s office, Board Supervisor Elisa Márquez, City staff and valued community partners: StopWaste, Republic Services and Tri-CED Community Recycling.

At this self-serve Compost Hub, Union City residents can now pick up loose compost year-round at no additional cost. The Compost Hub represents a significant step forward in the City’s efforts to address climate change and adhere to the State mandate requiring cities to use material generated from residents and businesses composting food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard trimmings through the City’s compost collection programs.

“This Compost Hub not only reflects our City’s dedication to environmental sustainability but also demonstrates the power of collaboration. Through the diligent efforts of City staff across multiple departments, we are proud to unveil the Compost Hub, which benefits our residents and positions our City well to meet state regulatory compliance,” stated Mayor Dutra-Vernaci.

Compost serves as a valuable natural fertilizer to enrich soils, it enhances soil structure, improves nutrient and water retention, reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides and increases microbial activity, ultimately fostering healthy plant growth and combating climate change by sequestering carbon.

“By offering this vital resource to our residents, we empower the community to engage in waste reduction efforts, promote soil health and contribute to a resilient environment for future generations,” said Mayor Dutra-Vernaci. “Together, we are building a vibrant, sustainable future for Union City and beyond.”

Union City residents are encouraged to visit the self-serve City Compost Hub to obtain loose compost for their home gardens, contributing to the City’s sustainable future. For more information, please visit: