CALED logoMead Valley Wellness Village, a $517,030,000 financing in unincorporated Riverside County, broke ground on June 12 and will provide critical healthcare services to the surrounding community. The California Enterprise Development Authority (CEDA) is pleased to have issued these bonds for the benefit of Riverside County. The proceeds of the Bonds will be used to construct a 450,000 sq. ft. behavioral health campus with five main buildings: a Community Wellness and Education Center, a Children’s and Youth Services building, Urgent Care Services, Supportive Transitional Housing, and Extended Residential Care. Services to the Riverside community will be delivered via three major programs: Mental Health Services, Substance Use Services, and a Public Guardians’ office.

Services will include outpatient mental health services, short-stay treatment mental health programs, residential treatment programs (adult and children), recovery residences, supportive housing, utility buildings, and related amenities. The county expects the project to receive LEED Silver certification. The construction of the project is being undertaken by P3 Riverside Holdings, LLC, PMB Mead Valley LLC, and Snyder Langston, LLC.

In addition to the behavioral health services provided, the campus will have amenities such as a resource center, recreational areas, quiet zones of respite, sports courts, a sensory garden, an amphitheater, a public market, a café, and a pet hotel.

“Mead Valley Wellness Village is a great example of public and private sector partners coming together to advance access to quality mental health care in Riverside,” said CEDA Board Chair, Gurbax Sahota. “I am pleased that CEDA can play a part on the financing team for this solution-focused project and hope that we can work with other communities on similar projects.”

The financing structure for the project includes a lease-leaseback structure between Riverside County and an experienced developer consortium. Once completed, the facilities will be operated by Riverside University Health System–Behavioral Health (RUHS-BH), a county agency. The time and resource contribution of many agencies shows how partnering organizations can unite against a common problem in their community.

The facility is anticipated to open in 2026 and is estimated to have an annual impact of more than $78 million and will lead to more than 800 jobs.

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