City of Oceanside logoNew technology launched in May will help streamline any emergency evacuations in Oceanside and throughout the region. Evacuation zones delineated with Genasys EVAC technology will help regional emergency managers send out precise location-based alerts during an emergency evacuation. Oceanside will use this technology as part of a concerted effort to innovate to keep residents safe and informed during emergencies.

Specific map zones were developed for Oceanside by a coalition of local emergency managers, law enforcement and fire officials. The team used geographical boundaries like canyons, rivers, freeways and neighborhoods to create more logical and precise mapping zones. This mapping system will provide more specific evacuation areas, which will limit larger unnecessary evacuations. This will also support more efficient repopulations to get people back into their homes sooner.

Genasys EVAC will be integrated into and the SD Emergency app. Residents who are already registered do not need to re-subscribe. Please ensure you are registered for emergency alerts through and the SD Emergency app. You’ll get information about evacuations, emergency shelters and more.  For local information on things like Oceanside road closures and missing people, sign up for “Ready Oceanside” by texting the word Oceanside to 67283 or sign up online.

Residents also encouraged to download the Genasys Protect App to subscribe to alerts in other areas where family members live or work. Having the app also makes it easy to monitor the status of specific zones during an emergency.