City of Palmdale logoEnergy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC) has partnered with Tesla Inc. and Participate. Energy to introduce the Power Choice Program. This new initiative will provide enrolled residential customers with access to solar power and battery storage without upfront costs or equipment purchase.

“Power Choice exemplifies our commitment to sustainability, affordable energy and creating solar opportunities for our community,” said Mayor Austin Bishop. “We are thrilled to offer this cutting-edge program that puts renewable energy within reach for more Palmdale residents.”

In addition to long-term savings, the program’s battery storage component provides backup power capabilities, ensuring participants have access to electricity during emergencies or outages. This improved resilience is a major advantage as electricity demand typically increases in the summer.

The Power Choice program is a significant step forward in Palmdale’s transition to a sustainable energy future. By increasing access to solar power and storage, the City continues driving progress toward its environmental goals while delivering innovative solutions that benefit residents and save taxpayer dollars.

To learn more about EPIC’s Power Choice program and enroll, visit or call 661/267-5419.