Tripepi Smith logoThe City of Westminster enlisted TS Talent Solutions to facilitate a workshop to review progress on their three-year Strategic Plan. Tripepi Smith Principal Ryder Todd Smith led the discussion assisted by Business Analyst Kylie Sun.

The City of Westminster adopted a three-year Strategic Plan with goals and objectives in 2022. The City holds public workshops every few months to review the plan’s progress with the City Council. In search of a third party to lead the next discussion, City Manager Christine Cordon tapped Ryder.

“The City of Westminster has accomplished a lot over the last two years. Now that we’re in the final year of our existing Strategic Plan, we’re hoping to finish strong,” said Westminster City Manager Christine Cordon. “To lead the final review workshop of this three-year plan, I was looking for someone with deep local government experience and the acumen to spur conversation. Ryder was the first person that came to mind. He and his team did a phenomenal job of engaging the City Council in conversation and facilitating the discussion on next steps.”

To prepare for the workshop, TS Talent Solutions distributed a SWOT analysis questionnaire to the City Council to identify the Strategic Plan’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

At the subsequent April workshop, TS Talent Solutions presented and facilitated a discussion on the SWOT analysis. After a brief review of progress to date, the City Council and City Staff met in break-out groups to discuss progress and identify new objectives if needed to complete the goals as the City heads into the final months of the three-year plan. Each break out group reported out on their work product and the City Council then collaborated to finalize new objectives for the goal areas. TS Talent Solutions summarized the Council’s direction with a matrix that identified clearly defined objectives, the responsible department and the estimated timeline for completion.

“Goal setting plays a vital role in aligning the City Council and City Staff with shared priorities that enable them to succeed and ensure an efficient organization,” said Ryder. “I was impressed by the open-mindedness and pride the Westminster City Council showed for the community they serve. During my visit, I also collaborated with knowledgeable City staff who were receptive to taking action to turn the City Council’s vision into a reality. I am excited about my next visit to Westminster and to observe the progress they will have made.”

About TS Talent Solutions

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