Accepting money by claiming your daughter has cancer is more than a political blooper, it’s a shameful lie.

South Carolina City Councilmember Eloise James told that lie and was arrested and charged with two counts of forgery and one count of obstruction of justice in Greenville County. 

According to Independent Mail, James was charged with two counts of obtaining goods by false pretenses and one count of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult in Pickens County.

James attempted to get her daughter excused from a court hearing by forging two documents to the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

One of the documents was a handwritten note from James stating the court date would conflict with her daughter’s chemotherapy treatment.

The other was a forged doctor’s order from the Cancer Centers of the Carolinas.

After further investigation, it was proven that his daughter never had cancer nor was a patient at the Cancer Centers of the Carolinas.

James allegedly solicited money on numerous occasions from 2007 to the present.

James received money from a cancer victim stating the money would be used for her daughter’s treatments. Fellow Councilmember Nancy Bennett also gave James funds.

Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor Bob Ariail, in announcing James’ arrest, said, “Mrs. James is in an elected position of trust which she has abused by these actions.”

If convicted, James could face as many as 21 years in prison.

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