It might be time for an “It Could Be Worse” Hall of Fame.

Retha Pierce, who was the first-ever story to appear on “It Could Be Worse,” has now made her way into the section for the third time.

The resume of the mayor of Atlantic Beach, S.C. includes:

  • Being arrested for trespassing at town hall eight weeks after being sworn in as mayor. The Interim Town Manager called the police when Pierce refused to leave after getting in an argument with the town clerk and an employee.
  • Arrested again in April on hit-and-run charges after reportedly sideswiping another vehicle. 
  • Dealing with driving violations from a traffic stop in December 2007 and a charge of resisting arrest that ended in a mistrial in 2008.

Drum roll please….

Now, the mayor has been charged with a misdemeanor DUI after being stopped at 3:50 p.m. on Wednesday of last week.

According to the Charoltte Observer, Pierce was released Thursday morning after a bond hearing and told reporters she doesn’t drink and is innocent.

The article referred to Atlantic Beach as a troubled town. Somewhere deep within the gut of “It Could Be Worse” wonders if it might possibly have to do with the leadership?

Life in local government can certainly get difficult at times. However, when you think times are rough in your area … well, “It Could Be Worse.”

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