In a series of outrageous events, three politicians have been arrested on federal corruption charges and an 84-year old former city commissioner held the Broward County mayor at gunpoint.

Making already dreadful matters worse – the mayor was his own daughter.

According to The Miami Herald, former Commissioner Edward Portner was upset that his daughter Stacy Ritter gave her endorsement to current Mayor Beth Flansbaum-Talibisco. Portner had never announced his intention to run for mayor.

“I signed an endorsement for Beth back in February before I knew my father was considering this run,” Ritter was quoted in The Miami Herald in June. “The truth is I think Beth has done a good job.”

On Tuesday, Ritter’s husband Russ Klenet opened the door of his home to find Portner standing with a gun.

After a brief struggle, Ritter persuaded her father to let her get a bottle of water. She then ran out the garage door to a friend’s house down the street.

Officers reported that the gun was not loaded when Portner was arrested back at his home.

“He was quite contrite and concerned for himself and his family,” attorney Mike Dutko said. “He is a war veteran from World War II, no prior blemishes on his record. I don’t think anyone I have spoken to today is able to adequately explain the events of last night – including Mr. Portner.”

Ritter has sworn to get her father all the help he needs.

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