A City Councilwoman has pleaded not guilty to accusations of a workers’ compensation scam after she was caught exercising and riding a motorcycle at a time when she claimed too injured to do her job.

Maggie Gomez, a Daly City councilwoman who also served as mayor, is facing charges from a workers’ compensation claim from 2005 with Seton Medical Center where she works as patient relations manager, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Gomez was arrested on Oct. 29 and is free on $100,000 bail. She has been a member of City Council for eight years and served as both mayor and vice mayor. Her re-election is 2010.

In the claim, Gomez had claimed she was injured while working and allegedly lied under oath in a deposition and a workers’ compensation appeals board trial.

According to the Chronicle’s report, Investigators with the district attorney and state Department of Insurance allegedly saw Gomez exercising at the gym, walking long distances while shopping, riding a motorcycle and climbing out of her boyfriend’s truck, all activities she said she was unable to do.

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