A former City Councilwoman was indicted last week on federal charges of accepting nearly $167,000 in cash and gifts in exchange for dropping opposition on two controversial big-money developments.

The former Yonkers councilwoman, Sandy Annabi, ended her term in December and was one of thee people charged in the indictment, according to the New York Times.

The Times reported that the investigation began in 2008, about two years after Annabi voted to enable a $630 million residential and commercial project.

The other two charged were the former leader of the Westchester County Republican Party and a lawyer. All three defendants pleaded not guilty on Wednesday.

Annabi was released on $300,000 bail. If convicted, Annabi could face almost 90 years in prison, according to the article.

Stacy Richman, a lawyer for Ms. Annabi, told the New York Times, “We maintain absolute innocence.”

Mayor Philip A. Amicone of Yonkers said in a statement, according to the article, that he was “deeply disappointed with today’s indictments of individuals who, if proven guilty, have brought shame upon themselves.”

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