A city councilwoman was charged with assaulting council members and pushing a city clerk to the ground.

The incident occurred during a heated city council meting in Damascus, Ga. According to a local news affiliate, Mayor Pro-Tem Gloria McMurray has a history of conflicts and frequent disruption.

From the article:

“The council had called an emergency meeting to sign papers on a grant for a new city well. The issue of cost quickly escalated into an argument between Mayor Pro-Tem Gloria McMurray and councilwoman Phyllis Kraft.

And then, it got physical.

“It was mostly a lot of pushing,” said the Chief.

“We tried to keep them apart,” said City councilman Nathaniel Thompson. He and city clerk Gloria Wynds tried holding McMurray back from Kraft. But Wynds was knocked to the floor and hit a chair on her way down.

“Unfortunately I had to go and arrest the Mayor Pro-Tem,” said Chief Evers.

“It sounds kinda like a cat fight,” said Damascus citizen Willie Butler.

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