Sometimes, you’ve got to go outside of the country to really see local follies.

The Mayor of Knott End, a seaside town in Lancashire, England, began a two-year prison sentence after admitting to breaking into homes of women and stealing their underwear.

Ian Stafford was twice elected Mayor of Preesall and Knott End in Lancashire.

According to an article on the Mail Online in the United Kingdom,  several residents had become worried by the disappearance of items from their underwear drawers, and one even had a covert camera installed in her bedroom to catch the culprit.

The report said police were handed tapes showing the respected 59-year-old “bachelor” breaking in and helping himself to personal items.

When interviewed, Stafford said, “I feel deeply ashamed at the whole scenario because I have hurt people who have been excellent friends – I could not wish for better. I wish I had said something to someone earlier. I am not proud of any of this, I am sickened. I wish I could turn the clock back.”

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