The law enforcement career of Sacramento Sheriff John McGinness came to a close as he watched the swearing in of incoming Sheriff, Scott Jones. 

His retirement (or semi-retirement, we’ll have to see what he really has planned) has been well deserved. The Board of Supervisors allowed him an early departure so Sheriff Jones could start working early. And as they bid him farewell, they offered him thanks and recognition for the difficult times he led the department through.

From the Sacramento Bee:

After 31 years with the department, Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness will box up his office Thursday night and prepare for one last day on duty.

The plaques, the framed photo of McGinness with then-Vice President Dick Cheney and a bearded, scruffy-looking U.S. Rep. Dan Lungren, all will go into boxes.

His most prized memento – a lunch box from the old cop show “Adam-12” that his son and daughter gave him years ago – will go home to a special spot.

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