It’s never a good day at the office when you leave on a stretcher. Using that definition, it’s’ clear that the Mayor of Windemere, Florida, had his day end badly.

During comments earlier in the night, Mayor Gary Bruhn suggested that the town’s manager, Cecelia Bernier, should be fired for mismanaging police evidence and performing special favors for her friends. While a vote wasn’t taken on her dismissal, the damage had been done. As the meeting adjourned, the town manager’s husband apparently confronted the Mayor. That’s when Mayor Bruhn’s day turned for the worse.

While details remain unclear, either punches or pushes caused the mayor to fall, striking his head, and losing consciousness. 

The man was later seen leaving the Police Station, after questioning. Whether or not he’s been charged remains unclear.


A town council meeting in Florida was abruptly interrupted when the mayor was attacked and knocked to the ground, Fox 35 reported Tuesday night.

Town of Windermere’s mayor Gary Bruhn got into a shouting match with the town manager’s husband. The meeting was adjourned, and police officers evacuated the building, but before the room was cleared, someone punched or pushed Bruhn, knocking him to the ground.

Paramedics arrived and transported the major to a nearby hospital, which was later placed on lockdown.

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