When the city manager vetoed a grant from the California Endowment, he likely didn’t expect to see it come back at him, approved, and with a request for more money. But after the city council overrode his veto, that’s exactly what they asked.

The $100,000 grant is to help write a proposal about Long Beach’s health needs as part of its general plan, and the city wants to see if the Endowment would be willing to provide an additional $97,000. It’s now the responsibility of Pat West to ask for the extra money.

The veto was made without informing the council, and despite the fact that the city had already announced it was receiving the grant in a press release.

From the Daily News:

The Long Beach City Council has voted to override its city manager’s veto and approve a $100,000 health policy grant that had been rejected by him without informing council that he had done so, it was reported today.

The grant from the California Endowment would have been for the city to write a proposal outlining Long Beach’s health needs in the city’s general plan, the Long Beach Press-Telegram said.

The council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the grant, and to have City Manager Pat West contact the California Endowment to see if the agency would offer an additional $97,000.

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