Last week, I traveled to Southern California to meet with several potential new sponsors and present several certificates to the winners of this year’s PublicCEO Local Government Awards. In two stops, I met with Redlands Public Information Officer Carl Baker and Brandman University students (now alumnae) Janice Voshall and Cindy Smith.

A stop in Redlands led to me to a coffee shop across the street from city hall. While city hall was closed (due to budget cuts and furloughs) Mr. Baker and I discussed Redlands, its history, and its future. And then I presented him with his award.

Afterwards, I drove to Irvine to meet with Janice Voshall and Cindy Smith, the two students who interned with a political campaign and ended up shaking the very foundation of California local governments.

Pictured below, I am with the two recent graduates at the Brandman Campus as they accept their awards for Service to the State.

Once again, congratulations to all of our PublicCEO Local Government Award winners.