When Henderson, Nevada crafted its employment agreement with its city attorney, it probably wasn’t intended to protect her job from being terminated for violating the law. But it might just do that.

One work day afternoon, City Attorney Elizabeth Quillin failed her DUI test, after being involved in a car carsh, and apparently nearly running over a woman who came to her aid. She didn’t just fail, her breathalyzer test read 0.281 percent, or 3.5 times the legal limit.

The city, which just paid more than $1 million for wrongful termination, might hesitate before letting Quillin go. Although the charges against her for DUI are significant, her contract stipulates she can only be let go for intentional violations of city interests or felonies.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Henderson could be forced to pay City Attorney Elizabeth Quillin more than $300,000 should the City Council decide to fire her over her recent scrape with the law.

Quillin’s employment contract with the city entitles her to one year of salary and benefits if she is dismissed for anything short of a felony conviction.

She faces three misdemeanor charges, including drunken driving, in connection with a car accident in the middle of the workday that landed her in the Henderson jail.

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